Name of the Association and its Registered Office

Article 1 – The name of the association is the “Turkish Surgical Association”.

Its registered office is listed at the address of “Koru Mahallesi Ihlamur Caddesi No:26 Çayyolu/ANKARA 06810”. It has no branches.

Purpose of the Association and Study Subjects

Article 2 – The Turkish Surgical Association is an association founded in accordance with the General Surgery Principal Branch under the “Specialty in Medicine Legislation” and in accordance with the Law of Associations numbered 5253. It aims to provide an an all-encompassing health service concerning the field of General Surgery Specialty with its studies in the fields of public health, patient care, research and education. The association aims to follow all developments in the General Surgery Principal Specialty and in all the lateral branches to create an advanced surgery standard all around the country by developing a cooperation and information exchange between colleagues.

Study Subjects Realized by the Association and their Forms

A- It cooperates with the other domestic surgery foundations and science and charity associations.

B- It arranges conferences, congresses, symposiums and post-graduate courses in the framework of Continuous Medical Education all around the country in order to train physicians in various fields of surgery and nurses, technicians and workers in other assistant medicine branches.

C- It makes publication regarding the surgery.

D- It supports direct or indirect researches in the field of surgery and organizes new competitions with awards to get better results.

E- It benefits from scientific studies, releases necessary information about its studies, and participates in related meetings, congresses etc. by contacting foreign Surgery Associations and other foundations with similar goals within the framework of the legislation. It participates in common projects with these foundations when necessary and invites famous specialists to share their knowledge and expertise.

F- It determines and acknowledges gifted physicians in order to train them in existing and newly developing fields of surgery. It assists in finding scholarships for these gifted physicians in order to provide and promote scholarship within the framework of the available budget opportunities.

G- It intends to create a documentation office providing information, documents and publications in order to reach its aims, to publish informative study bulletins for distribution to its members, to publish newspapers, journals, books announcing studies and to support the medical foundations publishing documents in the same way.

H- It collects and evaluates any information about the great surgeons from Turkish medical history.

I- It supports studies concerning Turkish medical terminology.

J- It offers social help and support to our colleagues, whether they are members of our association or not, and to their first-degree relatives.

K- So that members will have a place to carry out their studies,the association can acquire immovable properties including meeting rooms so that scientific symposiums can be organized and where internet connections and a library are available.

L- The association is responsible for Public Health in its vocational studies. It publishesinformational books, journals and brochures for the public.

M- The association offers assistance in the establishment of institutions such as hospitals, dispensaries, and policlinics with the goal of serving all health needs of the general public. . N-The services of the Turkish Surgical Association are for the benefit of everyone all around the country.

O- The association spends at least 50% of its annual net income for the above mentioned purposes and the Board of Directors is authorized to approve needed expenditures.

Ö- TheBoard of Directors creates scientific study groups, professional competence commissions, committees and supports them in the appropriate fields in accordance with the necessities of the country and the era.

P- It can establish the necessary organizations by obtaining permission. It can establish a foundation or federation if necessary or it can participate in an existing federation in order achieve its purposes.

R- ­If it is deemed necessary in order to reach a certain goal, it can organize common projects, which are in their particular fields of duty, with the state institutions and organizations without prejudice to the provisions of the Law numbered 5072 concerning state institutions and organizations and their relations.